The Pen & the Pixel

Art is hard and I’m not sure why I do it. Is it for myself? Is it in some futile effort to reach out and in some way impact or connect with a few souls out of the billions on this teeming planet? Hell if I know.


While I dream of throwing up everything to start my own indie studio, I'm pretty far from that yet. In the meanwhile, you can follow me on

The Investigator Cases (2015)

The Investigator Cases are point-and-click who-dunnits about an alligator who investigates crime. They were made within 72 hours during Ludum Dare gamejams. You can play them online here.


Forest of Finance (2014)

Forest of Finance was a 2-person, 3-day gamejam game that aimed to teach kids basic financial concepts. You can play it online via Unity Web Player.


Lignum (2013)

I was Lead Artist on Lignum, a point and click adventure game set in a treetop village. You can view a video trailer and download the game here.


Douse (2012)

I was Lead Artist on Douse, a poetic experience about a raindrop's journey to restore a forest and return home. You can read more and download the game here.


Traditional art

Once upon a time, before I realized coding paid a whole lot more money, I went to an art school and did neat stuff like figure drawing and oil painting. I'd still like to do more landscape painting someday, when I'm retired and traveling around national parks.



This feels like a bit of a gimme section, as my travel/plants pages are all photography. But if you'd like to follow me or use some of my photos totally free, you can do so on Unsplash.