The Sky and the Sea
The artistic portfolio of an individual commonly known as Constance Chen.

Constance Chen was grown in Singapore, transplanted to Chicago, and currently can be found as an invasive species in Seattle, Washington. She attended DigiPen Institute of Technology for a BFA in Digital Art and Animation, and afterwards dove into a career as a front-end developer.

Constance's first and foremost love is creating. She loves writing, photography, cinematography, and road trips. She dreams of having the time to make all the things she wants to. On that very long list are things such as indie video games, super creative and artsy websites, animated shorts, hyperlapses, children's books, and landscape paintings of national parks. You get the idea.

Her other hobbies consist of marksmanship shooting, brushing her cat and dog, dreaming of owning a motorcycle, dreaming of flying a plane, and dreaming of someday throwing all her belongings into a tiny RV and living on the open road.